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10 Most Effective Exercises If You Want To Lose Weight

Exercising regularly is an essential component that you should incorporate into your life routine, not just for seeing you physically, but for your mental health and general well-being.

Now, if your main goal in training is to lose weight, you should know that just by moving a little you will not achieve it. You should know that If you want to lose a couple of pounds (or more), the most important thing is to feed yourself healthily and of course, combine it with physical activity.


With this in mind, we have for you the list of the 10 most effective exercises to achieve your mission:


1. Cycling:

Many individuals have this question whether exercise bike cycling can burn fat or not. You should know that even though it can be a low-intensity exercise, it can kill more fats that the high-intensity workouts. Remember, that after cycling you can get hungry so do not grab any kind of snacks. The body is getting rid of the fat so let it work that way and do not fill yourself up with food. Also, dress lightly. If you are wearing a lot of clothes, there is a chance of getting tired and sweating unnecessarily. If you can do it right, you will be losing a substantial amount of weight.



2.  Weight Training

Consider this activity as the mother of all weight loss techniques.   Resistance training, whether using your body alone or with weights, is a very effective method to lower numbers on the scale, and it is proven that lifting weights increases the resting metabolic rate, which means that once you finish exercising, you continue to burn calories.   Holly suggests adding weight training to your routine at least 3 times a week, and considering that your body adjusts to the exercises after being exposed to the same movements with the same intensity, becoming less effective over time, the guru Fitness recommends changing your routine every 3 weeks so your body never gets used to it.



3. Boot camp (or training camp)

This is definitely the physical activity that always has your metabolism elevated!

If you enter boot camp, you will combine two of the most effective training styles there are intervals and resistance.   Personal trainer Adam Rosante explains that in the boot camp you will do more cardio-focused exercises and others more focused on strength, done in short periods of time, combined with short periods of rest.

Of course, if it is the first time you are attempting, speak to your instructor.   A good teacher will help you determine when you should increase intensity or weight, and adapt the exercise if it is too strong for you or hurts you in any way.



4. Boxing

“In essence, boxing is really another form of interval training,” explains Rosante but it also makes you feel that the world is yours.   The trick is not to strike using only the strength of your hand, which the center of your power comes from your core, and when you put them into practice, you notice muscles that are usually ignored in other exercises, such as obliques.



5. Run

To run you only need a good pair of sports shoes.   While you are looking forward to losing weight (and that is the reason you ended up here reading this article), a simple jog is not the answer.

If you want to get your target, look for a hill that you can run at full speed, or use the incline treadmill.   “With this, you will work glutes and legs, two of your largest muscle groups, which requires less muscle recruitment and more energy expenditure,” says Rosante.

The form is also key.   Rosante explains how to: “Bend in the coline, and take your knees as high as you can, hitting the anterior third of the foot directly below your body.”   Antenate your open hands and arms bent at 90 degrees, guide them forward at the level of Face, and then back up to the top of your back pocket.



6. CrossFit

There is a reason why CrossFit has become such a popular exercise in the sports industry, and it is quite unchallenging it works, as long as you do not overdo it.   The activities are varied, and the routines are designed to be short and intense.   The most important thing when looking for the right place for CrossFit is that you feel at ease.



7. Tabata

Tabata is designed to be 4 minutes of high-intensity interval exercises (HIIT), consisting of 20 seconds of hard effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.   And you can use this protocol with different exercises.   Your metabolism will speed up like your heart rate in just 4 minutes, but be careful about making this exercise a habit if you want to lose weight.   Rosante explains that your body adapts quickly to those intervals, so you will need to increase the volume or intensity if you want to continue to reap benefits in the long run.   To do so, Rosante suggests extending your sessions to 20 minutes in the same format, simply choose 4 exercises (for example, rope jumping, squatting, climbing and squatting), And then do it for 20 seconds as fast and hard as you can, then recover for 10 seconds.   Repeat for 8 rounds before resting for one minute and proceed to the next exercise.

most effective exercises if you want to lose weight

8. Yoga

Okay, yoga alone is not a great exercise to lose weight.   But Rilinger says it can be your secret weapon in your weight loss arsenal because it keeps you flexible and healthy for other more intense workouts.   In addition, yoga gives balance and stability, which promotes functional strength, which helps our mental health, according to the expert.   Try to incorporate it into your routine at least once a week.



9. Swimming

Swimming is the perfect exercise if you do not like running, or if you do not want to hit your joints.   Additionally – and what matters most at the moment – how you can burn 750 calories in a single hour of swimming and work groups of important muscles, you lose weight.



10. Jump the rope

If you have the urge to get the feel of high school, give it a try.   It is an economical exercise, portable, and you can do it anywhere.   But we give you a recommendation, never do it barefoot!



10 Most Effective Exercises (Video Review)

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