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10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than $50K

In the world have the different kind of job in different criteria, but not all jobs require the same style of stress and effort. Here are top 10 jobs that will pay you a great salary without requiring that too much work.


Okay, Here My lists for 10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than $50K


1- Playing Video Game: 10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 1

Playing a game not waste time for all. Are you a good gamer? Now you can earn money by playing video games. Sound odd but its true. Most of the of popular video games company keep beta tester for testing new game when they release… Although you won’t get benefits, you will get chance to play new release video games before anyone else and make around $50,000 while you’re at it.Or you became an instructor. I have seen lots of people record there game video and upload into youtube.. You can normally record your good game play upload it and you can make huge money from Youtube-adsense

Here’s my short 5 Ways To Actually Make Money Playing Video Games:

  1. [tie_list type=thumbup]Farm Items & Gold[/tie_list]
  2. [tie_list type=thumbup]Win eSport Tournaments[/tie_list]
  3. [tie_list type=thumbup]Become a Game Tester[/tie_list]
  4. [tie_list type=thumbup]Record Let’s Play Videos[/tie_list]
  5. [tie_list type=thumbup]Write About Games[/tie_list]

Here The 5 Sites Where You Get Paid to Play Games Online for Free:

  1. http://moneypantry.com/go/cashdazzle
  2. http://www.playandwin.co.uk (Prefer for uk user)
  3. http://moneypantry.com/go/swagbucks
  4. http://www.exodus3000.com
  5. http://secondlife.com


2-Dog Walker:

10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 2

Dog walking is an easy way to make a very good cash with running excessive.Most of the of the dog owners will pay around $50-60 an hour to have their dogs walked, and since you can walk with multiple dogs at a time, that rate can multiply.Now you thinking where from you get the job? Alright I suggest you to join like Dog Walker or Local Dog Walker. You can post your service local directory website like Craigslist and many more, Now, Oh no man.You are interested and now know how to get this job but don’t know How to Become a Professional Dog Walker?
Learn It From Here http://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Professional-Dog-Walker . Have fun !


3-Massage Therapist:

10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 3

One of the best relaxing and stress-free jobs i thinkmassage therapist“.After all, the main point of this job is to create a stress-free environment. After complete a good course , massage therapists can expect to make around $50,000 once they establish a client.Also you can do this work by freelance basis.

Some basic idea about Newbie Massage Therapist Salary by pay scale .com




10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 4

Yes, an optometrist has to know a great deal about eyes, yet once you’ve done. Your concentrate, the greater part of the contraptions that an optometrist utilizes to make the occupation a ton less demanding. Fundamentally, you simply have the patient experiment with a group of focal points and record. Which ones they say are the clearest. You can rake in a huge amount of cash doing it as well, around $125,000.



5-Celebrity Assistant:

10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 5

This is one kind of fantastic job.We know every celebrity very busy. Have tight schedule You need to manage it. You make a schedule to attend movie premieres, meet boss,director people, and stay in luxury hotels, manage the meeting too and get paid around $60,000 to do it. Hope you know Kim Kardashian She also worked for Paris Hilton. So why you not?

10 Step to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant:

  1. Choose a Type of Celebrity

  2. Develop Your Skills

  3. Get Some Training

  4. Get Some Experience

  5. Find a Job Opening

  6. Contact a Celebrity

  7. Avoid Common Mistakes

  8. Join an Agency

  9. Ace the Interview

  10. Join Professional Organizations



6-Freelance Writer:

10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 6

Freelance Writer is one of the favorite jobs. You are excellent in English and have been writing skill then you can do it easily. You know, A Freelance writer can make around $105,000 a year by using there computer or pen by sitting a table ? Okay You can write for any agency, newspaper paper or any kind company. You are doing another job and thinking to work a writer about the freelance basis? Then i can recommend you top three site for getting Freelance Writing job

1- Iwriter.com (You can goggling for more)

2- Upwork.com

3- Freelancer.com


Anyway, we are looking at some excellent writer too. You can also write for us. Send You CV to our contact page



7- Test Subject:


This is an little bit risky occupation, yet for all that danger you are paid liberally consequently. Guineas pigs, or guinea pigs, help the therapeutic group by testing out new medications or taking an interest in trials. Clearly, these can be extremely hazardous. However, lab. Rats can make a lot of money.


8-Personal Trainer:


Working out at the gym is a little bit though. However, you can do it and salary will increase soon when you got the decent amount client/customer. As a good personal trainer, you would make a diet plan and fitness regimen for your customer and encourage them to do it regularly. The average salary scale personal trainer in the United States is $52,000.

9-Tour Guide:

10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 10

Are you interested to meet new people and talking about your city? Have you. Smiley faces always? You know to become friendly? Then this work for you. Especially since you can make around $52,000 a year just gabbing with people about the coolest places to hang out.


10- Porn Star:


10 Super Easy Jobs That Pay More Than 10This is unquestionably a vocation that will be much less demanding for some than for others. The vast majority would not be a porn star, but rather if you are alright with engaging in sexual relations on camera then you could profit. Overall, porn stars can make $75,000 every year, in spite of the fact that pay shifts a considerable measure.




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