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Top 10 Best Action Cameras Under $100

What is the action camera and which the best action camera under 100?

Action cameras were designed to take videos or pictures while immersed in action. Usually associated with outdoor sports, they are able to capture action as it happens. Made to be compact, durable and waterproof, action cameras can go anywhere and capture anything. They can be easily mounted to helmets, cars, boats, bikes, skateboards and even drones.

Images are captured as a series of stills, allowing the action sequences to be caught without interacting with the camera. There is no need to adjust lighting, lens or focus, because these cameras take care of that for you. Action cameras provide access to a great sense of freedom and at the same time are able to capture you enjoying it fully.


Features and benefits to owning an action camera

Action cameras can be considered an investment. You can record videos of any activity whether its a sporting event or an off road adventure. You can also take quality JPEG images. Given the functions of this camera versus a regular one, it is worth the money.

Action cameras have wide angle lenses to capture those big shots and action sequences. They can also be mounted securely making them ideal for capturing real footage of your adventures. This also means you can be hands-free and truly enjoy the moments. You are also essentially eyes free as you don’t have to worry about looking through a lens the whole time.

Focus is never an issue as this an automatic function of action cameras. Pictures and videos are taken and stored digitally for easy access, storage and sharing. The quick snapping action ensures that you don’t miss a minute of anything, which can happen when you have to keep working with a regular camera. While most action cameras come with standard features such as waterproof , durable casing, built in WiFi, and larger lens angles, the top 10 have some extra features that help them get to the top of the list.


Our Top 10 Best Action Camera Reviews


AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera

This waterproof camera offers high resolution capture and frame rate, therefore making it a guaranteed that you don’t miss a shot. One of the top picks among affordable action cameras, this is a wise investment.

AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera



* Includes a wrist remote which makes snapping pictures easy

* Built in WiFi to allow for easy sharing and also allows you to control the camera from anywhere.

* Resolution is four times that of a regular digital camera

* Durable and waterproof to withstand the most extreme conditions and environments

* 170 degree wide angle lens to capture any scene

*Reasonable price for the good quality and features that you get



* Batteries do not last as long as they are advertised

* Instructions that are provided are not very detailed so you really need to know what you are doing already or you need to take the time to study the camera and figure it out.

* Does not support an external mic, which many action camera users look for.





FITFORT Action Camera

Relatively new to the action camera market, the FITFORT is already popular. A very affordable option that delivers quality images, is waterproof, durable and includes a wireless remote. Simplicity and innovation rolled into one package for the most adventurous of people.

FITFORT Action Camera




* The camera comes in a carrying case that includes extra batteries, charging cable, extra straps and a variety of attachments.

* A relatively small camera, but it has a very durable and strong housing

* Designed with the standard 2” built in screen with high resolution

* Allows for quality crisp and vivid photos as well as videos to be captured with clarity



* The camera is unable to capture good images in dim lighting

* There have been several complaints about the screen freezing up during filming videos, which then interferes with additional photos being taken

* WiFi is unencrypted which means any wireless traffic can be viewed by anybody, which is a security risk when sharing photos or videos


EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera

Controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet, this action camera lets you capture every moment switching between photo, burst photo, video and time lapse instantly. Waterproof, durable and mountable you can take this on the road, in the sky or underwater.


EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera



* A great camera for beginners because it is not too complicated

* Manufactured by one of China’s leading innovative and high-tech companies

* It offers a high frame rate video mode produces smooth videos

* Provides an assortment of accessories packaged neatly in a compartment for easy access and carrying



* The camera does not come with a memory card so you need to purchase one

* The remote does not turn on the camera, it only turns it off

* The videos are shot in .MOV format, which is infamous for using up a lot of memory



APEMAN 4K Action Camera

Great for sports enthusiasts and the outdoors, this camera captures your exciting moments from your perspective. A very affordable camera with great features that capture all your great images; even those from some very extreme angles.

APEMAN 4K Action Camera



* The camera has very simple controls so it is ideal for everybody, including beginners.

* Many accessories available that make it compatible with a helmet, tripod, bike and many more

* It is a highly versatile camera provided at an affordable price

* The camera is easy to set up so you can start using it right away



* Battery life is not very long which can be an inconvenience when you have to stop to change them often

* Micro SD card is not provided so you will need to purchase one

* The mic is not very reliable and does not record sound well, so this is not an ideal camera for vlogging unless you buy a separate mic

* Case is brittle and can crack easily, which will limit where you can take this camera


DBPOWER 4K Action Camera


With its ultra wide lens and easy to use features, this action camera can go skiing, snorkeling or horseback riding with you. Whatever your adventure this camera will capture quality shots for you, documenting your most enjoyed adventures.

DBPOWER 4K Action Camera



* There is a time lapse mode, allowing you to take pictures in intervals

* Features easy to navigate menus and easy to adjust settings and buttons

* Comes with 16 accessories to help you mount the camera anywhere



* It has a slightly smaller than usual screen (1.5” LCD display) when the standard for action cameras is usually 2”

* This camera is heavier than most action cameras and comes in a bulky case

* It only supports micro SD cards up to 32GB, and this memory space can e used up quickly


ODRVM 4K WIFI Action Camera



Equipped with Sony Sensor, this camera will deliver professional grade photos and videos at a lower price than most. With its various shooting options, this is perfect for everything from vehicle data recording to underwater exploration.

ODRVM 4K WIFI Action Camera



* Includes a number of accessories for a variety of mounting situations

* There is a large choice of shooting options for videos and still photographs, making it one of the more versatile action cameras on the market

* Features simple controls that make it easy to use



* The memory card needs to be formatted before use. If this step is forgotten the camera will not read it.

* It comes with two 50 mAH batteries which do not provide a great deal of time (possibly 1.5 hours max) before it will need to be charged again.

* Images tend to come out blurry in low light settings

* The lens cannot be rotated or zoomed as with other action cameras



AKASO EK7000 Action Camera

A formidable alternative to the pricier brand names, this action camera will deliver quality images at high resolutions, making sure you never miss a moment of activity or adventure. The EK7000 is able to deliver professional-like photos and videos without breaking your bank.

AKASO EK7000 Action Camera



* It is very lightweight but this does not take away from its durability, as it is able to withstand the outdoors

* Clear, vivid images are captured, comparable to professional standards

*Includes a wide selection of accessories to cover any of your photograph or video needs

* The wrist remote is not just splashproof, but completely waterproof

* You are able to use many of the GoPro attachments with this camera



* Short battery life, which is why the provide an extra one.

* It does not come with a wall charger like some other action cameras

* The manual is not very thorough and may not answer many of your questions


Nexgadget 4K Action Camera


When you have the need for capturing your adventures, but your budget is tight, this option is a good fit for you. Offering all the same features as the higher end brands, this camera delivers quality without hurting your wallet.

Nexgadget 4K Action Camera



* Includes every possible attachment and accessory you can think of

* A charger is provided in the package

* The latest sensors are used in the Nexgadget series, delivering stunning video quality



* It does not include an SD card, so one need to be purchased

* The wrist remote is splash proof only and not waterproof which can cayse problems for your water adventures

* The camera needs to charge for at least three hours before you can use it, after you buy it


FITFORT FT7500 4K Action Camera

Very lightweight and easy to use, this new action camera is great for any on-the-go activity. It comes equipped with more accessories than you can imagine giving you access to shots you have only dreamed of.


FITFORT FT7500 4K Action Camera


Affordable and reliable quality with decent images taken

Includes 19 different mounting kits

High tech design and packaging, giving it comparable looks to higher end brands

There is an extra security measure (steel cable and zip) in the event the case accidentally breaks


It is considered high-tech and more advanced than other action cameras, so may not be ideal for beginners


Campark 4K Action Camera


Versatile for any outing or event and capturing quality images, the Campark action camera brings your adventures to life as you enjoy them at home. Your photos and videos will seem so real, it will feel like you are back in the moment again.

Campark 4K Action Camera


* Able to accommodate a 64GB SD memory card, which is larger than most cameras in this category.

* It features dual screens, one at the front and one at the rear

* One of the more powerful cameras, designed with 16MP resolution

* Lightweight and features sleek design and appearance



* No charger is included in the package

* The camera often takes a while to start up, which may cause you to miss some important shots.



Final Thoughts

With so many options available for action cameras it is advised to research them all and read reviews. Everyone has different needs so the perfect camera for someone else may not be a fit for you. While most features are the same as action cameras, each brand and style have unique characteristics that will get your attention. The good news is that all these options exist because not everyone has the budget for the higher priced cameras, but still have outings, events, vacations, and explorations to enjoy with our best action camera under 100 .


Talk to your friends and family to get recommendations. Often it helps to narrow down choices when we have the input of a valued and trusted person. Personal preferences will dictate what you are specifically looking for in an action camera. With that in mind, you can narrow down the search and then focus on reviews to determine the quality.


Ten of the best action cameras that are priced below $100 have been reviewed to help in your search. Since everyone’s experiences are different, one person’s bad review may not accurately reflect the camera‘s reputation. It will come down to what feels right for you and what features you like the most. While the selection of good cameras is extensive, in terms of overall value for money and the additional items you get as well as crisp imaging, the FITFORT FT7500, and the AKASO EK700 are the top of the top picks.


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