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Top 10 Best Back Massager Buying Lists

Welcome guys in my best back massager lists blog.You are working all the day long and after reaching at home exhausted. And, this thing keeps repeating. When you are passing tiring days, you’ll feel pain in your back or shoulder. Also, massaging at shoulder and back makes you relax. So, I have come up with top 10 back massagers to make your buying easy. Back massagers are easy to use and portable. You can take it anywhere you want and use it easily.




1. New Five-Star FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat:


This is an amazing massager that comes with seat facility. Unlike Shiatsu kneading massager, it has only been vibrating motor. You can sit on it and, to me its the best feature of the massager. It allows you to sit on it and feel the vibrated massage. It has to hand control unit for controlling and different massaging speed for giving you much pleasure. This different massaging speed lets your back, neck to sooth up and feels the relax.

It also has 3 massaging speed, 4 massage programs and independent heat on/off technology. It is very portable.


Its key features are:

1.Rolling motor massager with the seat.

2.10 vibrating motors that can massage your neck back, and thigh

3.4 zoned massaging area.

4. It has 3 massage speeds, four massage programs, independent heating function. This back massager got 4/5 stars . You may also like it.

best back massager


2. LiBa Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Pillow:

best back massager

This is a pillow sized shiatsu massager. It is small and fantastic massage options. It offers more variety of massage than any other portable. Shiatsu massagers. Its ergonomically U-shape design fits your neck, back and thighs easily and gives you a heavenly massage! You can just sit in a chair or lie in a bed and enjoy massaging. It comes in 2-unit of pillow massagers. So, you can feel the dual massaging on your body.


Key Features:

1. Pillow sized massagers.

2. U-shaped pillows that perfectly match with your neck, waist & back.

3.U can have the hot stone massage from it.

4. Electric-run massager. Give this fantastic back massager a try.


3. Five Star Five S FS8801: (best back massager- editor choice)

best back massager

Well, here comes the most awaited Shiatsu kneading massager with heat. This amazing portable massager has 8 kneading rollers with soothing heat. It has two rolling directions that you can change it with one-button press. You can use the back massager for massaging shoulder, legs, waist, back and even arms. It is all in one massager, and it has an auto shutdown timer of 10 minutes.


Key features:

1.8 rotatable kneading motors with soothing heat.

2.2 direction rotating by just one taps key.

3. It Adjusts easily to neck, waist, back and hand, leg.

4.Lightweight & portable. It comes with both AC & car adapters.


4. HoMedics NMS-600:

best back massager


Well, here comes another portable back massager. Its powerful impingement relaxes tired and tensed muscles. It gives massage by giving vibration to your muscle. It has 4-intelligent modes to make your body relax. This best back massager will comfort your shoulders, upper back and lower back. In most often, this area of the body gets tensed and tired. It also has soothing heat that will relax your body parts. When there’s heat with massage it becomes more effective. HoMedics NMS-600 has intensity up to 720 pulses/minute, which is also adjustable. It has flexible straps to get the massager to the particular area of your body.



5. Naipo Shoulder and back Massager:

best back massager


Here comes an amazing back massager, Naipo Shoulder Massager. It is built with Shiatsu kneading massage technology. It comes with 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu kneading massage nodes to make you wholly relaxed. It has built-in advanced heat transfer functions that make your muscles. Ligaments warm to improve blood circulation. You can use to anywhere, no matter you are sitting or standing, lying or resting. Its ergonomic U-design with 3D rotating kneading massage roller sooth the tensed back, neck, shoulder and thigh or ligaments too. This is a fantastic all-in-one back massager. You should surely give it a try.



6. HoMedics MCS-510H (Cushion style) :

best back massager

This seated cushion styled back massager id from HoMedics, one of the best massage product manufacturers of the world. It is made of soft polyester. It has three different modes of massaging: kneading for deep, rolling for gentle and for focused massage it performs spot massage. It covers your total back and shoulder with four massage zones . full, upper middle and lower. Try this fantastic cushion style best back massager



7. Gideon™ Portable Vest Back-Massager:

best back massager


This incredible back massager is from Gideon™. It is a vest like and easily portable. IT has 20 massaging modes and 10 intensity settings. It’ll reduce your tension at all. It relaxes deep into your tissue and makes it cheering again.



8. Brookstone Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat:

best back massager


It is a portable back massager. It has two handles, and you can control it with the hand controller. It has 5 modes to select from. It also produces the heat massage. It soothes your body by 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes.

BUY FROM HERE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GHQNFIK


9. Naipo Back Massager Cushion:

best back massager


It gives you deep kneading massage that will penetrate your tensed body parts. IT has 12 3D rotating nodes that give you the highest comfort in massaging that you may ever find. It has the heating option for better blood circulation. It has an ergonomic design with soft fabric.



10. Kendal back tapping massager:

best back massager



It produces drum tapping massage to the neck, back, shoulder and hands-legs. It comes with 22 automatic massaging options. It’s heating option makes massaging more effective. This is the one of best back massager in affordable price.


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