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Do you love to listen to music in your pass time? Or are u a biggest music lover ? In both cases, you’ll find the finest quality, hearing a music and that’s why you’ll need a stereo system in your room. The stereo system consists of several speakers and woofers that let you get the best sound There are different types of stereo systems in the market . To reduce your trouble, here comes a list of top 10 best stereo system.

Top 10 stereo systems of 2016-17:


1. GPX HC221B Compact CD Player Stereo Home Music System :


This is the best stereo system , made by GPX. It consists of a two-channel stereo sound system and a Dynamic Bass Boost System (DBBS). GPX, the award-winning company has made this is an awesome stereo

system keeping the sense of affordability along with high quality and affordability.


1.2channel stereo sound with DBBS

2.Can play CD and FM

3. Has alarm system and remote controlled

4. 0.7 mm LCD display with negative blacklight

5. Dual mp3 jack .

6.Detachable speakers that enables you to keep speakers apart.

These all makes GPX HC221B Compact CD Player Stereo Home Music System so reliable to be the top stereo system of 2016-17.


2. Sony MHCEC619iP 120 Watts Music System:



This fantastic stereo system comes SONY which promises to ensure to deliver the best quality of sound.It has 2-audio channels and a bass booster.It is compatible with any device.


1. 2-channel audio system with bass boosted system

2. Fully remote controlled and can play songs using Bluetooth.

3. Can play from CDs , mp3 , pen drive, and it has dedicated ports for iPad or iPod.

4.Has an LCD to show the play information and a clock for the time knowledge.

5.It is lightweight , 2.4 kgs . You can move it easily to places.

Sony has made MHCEC619iP keeping the sense of affordability and with all these attributes , MHCEC619iP becomes a powerful stereo system that you’ll ever find. You can find the best experience from SONY MHCEC619iP ,so you may want to give this top stereo system enlisted component a shot.


3. Panasonic SC-HC39 Sound System :


This is a stylish and well-designed stereo system by PANASONIC. It is smaller than other stereo systems but not less powerful than any other stereo systems. It has a two-channel audio system and is well mounted.


1. LincsD-Amp helps you to hear crystal clear sounds.

2. It includes power chord.

3. It can play music from any Bluetooth supported devices.

4. Well designed and sleek structured makes it an unbeatable designer stereo system.

So, you can have faith on the quality of PANASONIC and use it without any tension and hassle.


4. RCA RS22162 5-Disc CD Audio System:



This is a versatile stereo system from RCA which lets you experience the best quality sound ,you expect.It is a 5 disc audio and 2-channel audio system ,for the best experience.


1.CD-player with 5 discs.

2.Can play from USB ,mp3 or Ipad ,iPod.

3.2-channel audio system.

4.Rotary tuning and volume control

5. Remote controlled.

These all makes RCA RS221625 to be on the top stereo system list . Give this stereo a break and it won’t let you down.


5. Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 Classic Stereo System:


IF you are looking for a stylish Bluetooth-connected stereo system then Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 will be the best choice for you . It is fully made with the Bluetooth connection so that you can move your speakers to adjustable place.

Specialities :

1.Made with Bluetooth to help you to move speakers in the place you want.

2.Built-in CD player and full-functional remote which lets you adjust bass ,treble as your wish.

3.50-watts stereo and it has two LCDs on two sides.

4.3.5 mm audio jack, lets you connect all the devices you want.

5.It has blue backlight in LCD which makes it user-friendly.

This how it keeps the structure of a classic stereo system but delivers no less sound than a now-a-days modern stereos and hold the place in top 10 stereo system.


6. Supersonic SC805 :



SUPERSONIC has come with its bigger, more beautiful and best ever stereo system SC805. It is powerful and elegant , lets you have the finest taste in music.


1.Has Bluetooth connectivity.

2.Fully remote controlled.

3.Compatible with any devices and iPods or iPad as well.

4.Sleeky design and has manual rotatory buttons for volume.

Supersonic has made this stereo system keeping the classic sense in mind. So, you’ll love this classic and powerful stereo system.


7. Samsung MX-J630 Audio Giga System:



Here comes a “big beast” stereo system from the world renowned brand SAMSUNG. This bigger stereo system lets you enjoy the fullest sound quality you can ever expect.


1.It has 2-channel audio and a controlling body

2.Delivers 200 watts of sound which are more than average .

3. You can control it by Bluetooth.

4. It has audio jacks and any Bluetooth enabled device can work perfectly with Samsung MX-J630 2.0 Channel 230 Watt Wired Audio Giga System.

With all these all capabilities SAMSUNG MX-J630.2 can become the stereo system you will like.


8. Acoustic Audio AA5170 :


This is a fanatic stereo speaker system for your home. It delivers 700w power and the best quality sound other than any system.


1.Bluetooth connectivity and fully remote controlled.

2. 5 Discrete Independent Channel Input/output so that you get the perfect sound.

3. Best speaker system with magnetically shielded, for the best performance.

4.Plug-n-play option, that lets you play from any device you want.

These how Acoustic Audio AA5170 promises to ensure quality and service .


9. Sharp CDDH950P Mini System :


If u want a powerful mini stereo system, then SHARP CDDH950P will be your best choice. It delivers 240 watts and has Subwoofer .


1. Powerful mini speakers , compatible with any mp3 devices

2.It has 5 CD player and WMA compatibility.

3.Compatible with iPod,iPod and MP3.

4.Mini powerful stereo system.

You will find the best powerful sound from this mini sharp stereo system. It gives you a classic feeling ,if you love classic models, then it will be your first choice.


10. LG Electronics CM4550 :



Here comes a trusted product from people’s favorite company LG. It is powerful than any other stereos and delivers 700 w total. Has 3 ways audio system and a subwoofer.


1. ItDelivers 700w output that makes it a powerful stereo.

2. 3-way speakers and a subwoofer for powerful sound experiences.

3. Totally Bluetooth networked and remote controlled.

4. Compatible with any devices.

5. Has LCD to keep eye on tracks and auto DJ .




Home Stereo Systems and Speakers

Home stereo System are typically described integrated as a fixed of stereo speakers and a subwoofer linked to an amplifier integrated your own home. Stereo or Stereophonic sound is the capability to create directional sound from integrated audio speakers. The time period stereophonic is derived from the Greek phrase stereos, which means that stable and contact, which means sound. From stereo it has advanced to Multichannel Sound.

Multichannel sound, also called surround sound demands built-in 4 and as much as seven unbiased integrated audio channels or speakers placed integrated front of and exhibition the middle of sound and hereby surrounds the listener. Multichannel sound is likewise called 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel sound.

domestic stereo structures are commonly connected to built-in a surround sound built-in five.1 channel. five.1 integrated a microincinerated equals to five audio system or satellites and one subwoofer giving you a entire sound all round to your integrated room. five.1 channel is an enterprise integrated well known format for films and song with five most important channels of sound and a 6th subwoofer channel (known as the integrated-one channel) used for unique film results and bass for tune. A 5.1 channel microincinerated consists of integrated a pair of audio system, a center-channel speaker located between the stereo audio system and two speakers placed built-inat the back of the listener.

6.1 channel sounds provides a sound enhancement to five.1 channel sound with an additional middle speaker placed among the two surround sound speakers immediately built-in integrated the listener. 6.1 channel sounds produces a greater envelopbuilt-ing surround sound enjoy.

7.1 channel sound is a further enhancement to 5.1 channel with two extra facet-surround speakers located to the perimeters of the listener’s osseointegrated position. 7.1 channel is built-in integrated used for extra accurate osteointegrated of sounds.

despite the fact that home stereo gadget comes built-in integrated variations, it’s far for most people built-ined as a 2.1 setup, same to 2 speakers and one subwoofer. This setup you spot at many computer systems as this gives built-incredible sound for games or tune at your laptop. As people is integrated built-in integrated surround sound at their home theater with a 2.1 system it’s far integrated built integrated famous ability-king your property stereo 2.1 built-in right into a 2.1 Channel home Theater. A 2.1 Channel home Theater is a stereo system that mimics home theater sound. built-in built-king a 2.1 channel home theater device you could keep away from the litter of additional audio system and wires. So how can we convert our integrated and simple 2.1 domestic stereo device to a 2.1 domestic theater gadget and hereby built-king off including greater audio system to our built-unintegrated?

a few 2.1 Channel systems have unique software program to mimic the sound of surround consequences with two audio system. this is referred to as virtual surround Sound (VSS). VSS creates an envelop built-king surround sound effect built-king two the front audio system and a subwoofer. by jubilation integrated a 5.1 channel decoders built-in and combustion it with special virtual circuits that simulate the sound of rear channel audio system a 2.1 gadget can make a digital surround sound. to be able to get the VSS you want to get a prepackaged built-in or a receiver. most not unusual is hard to pick an all-integrated-one system that gives you with all you need like Blu-ray participant, 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 receiver, two speakers and a subwoofer.

As first rate as VSS is, it’s far still handiest a digital simulation of surround sound, so five.1 will built-in be better. but for people with little space or don’t like wires throughout your private home a VSS home built-in is the answer.


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