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Top 10 Best Walk Behind Mower 2018


In my best walk behind mower we wrote all details about lawn mower.We people are actually fond of greenery that’s why we love to have a lawn of green grasses in our home. But In summers the grasses grow as fast as they can in their full length .If they are not trimmed routinely they may turn into thick bush and decrease the beauty. So you need to trim your lawn regularly but it is tough to cut it with grass-scissors and it proves very time-consuming in some cases .If you have a medium lawn then a “Best Walk Behind Mower” can solve your problem. It is an incredible machine that  cuts lawn’s grasses automatically, all just you need to do is to hold its handle and walk behind it.

Here are  the top 10 “best walk behind mower” of 2017-2018


1-GreenWorks 25302 Chorded Lawn Mower :

best walk behind mower1-GreenWorks 25302

If you dream to have a stripped green lawn then GreenWorks 25302 walk behind lawn mower is your thing. It is an all-new-type of lawn mower which makes your garden trimmed in the fastest way you want.It uses G-MAX 40V Li-ion Battery system engine which is powerful  of course, but its workability is also awesome. It has a bigger bag behind its engine which is the grassbox. The  handle  is quite comfy as it is wide and you can hold it by two hands.

It works by electric start and made of alloy body . It has a 4-blades instead of having 2 or 3 departed blades. It’s cutting height is 1- 3/8 inch and has a deck of 16-inch to give you 2-in1 feature enabling bagging and mulching and it is self-propelled. It weights 23 kgs. Yes , it is quite light than another walk behind lawn mowers but GreenWorks workability proves that it is one of the best lawn mowers of the world.


2. Husqvarna Honda GCV160 Lawn Mower :

best walk behind mower2-Husqvarna Honda GCV160

This walk behind lawn mower is made with the 3-stroke 160cc engine. Honda has built a classic lawn mower with basic facilities but keeping the workabilities and work efficiency in mind it is one of the best of course. It has a very easy way to start by standard recoil rope system and assures to serve many years without any problem. It is a four-wheeler mower which is adjusted artistically with 5 cutting function. It has 2  steel blades , and 40 litres of  grassbox to help you, keeping the lawn clean. You will find options like mulching, rear outing or bagging. Its deck is made with polypropene  which toughens the deck and makes the toughness a happening thing when working.

It is also a heavy duty walk behind mower, for which you don’t need to keep your lawn’s condition in mind. It can perfectly work in hilly or plain terrains. It cuts to the range of  25-70mm. You can also change the type of cutting your grasses as there are 5 different pre-set cutting options.


3. WORX WG775 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with Removable Battery and Grass Collection Bag :

best walk behind mower3-WORX WG775 24-Volt Cordless

Worx WG775 24-Volt walk behind lawn mower runs by battery , so no oil, gas or chord is needed.Being an electric lawn mower it is comparatively very quiet. It can cut up to 6000 sq. feet in a single charge. Its weight is too light, 33 pounds only which make it an easy portable mower. It is a 3-in-1 mower ,it can mulch , rear-discharge and bag and with a convenient cutting range.It’s cutting width is 15.8 inches and the cutting height is 0.8 – 2.75 Inches which makes it an awesome walk behind mower despite being an electric mower.

It’s weight is only   33 pounds and has no hassle of oil and gas . The battery is removable , so you don’t need to walk with your mower to recharge it. It has a very easy start as it has an electric start system no chord pulling. It is suitable for medium lawns and garden . it is  likely to work in plain terrain and cut any thick grasses or bushes. Featuring all these it makes up its place in the top best lawn mowers yet it is too affordable and adorable to make you buy it.





4.Lawn-Boy 10734 :

best walk behind mower4-Lawn-Boy 10734

“Lawn-boy” is a lightweight  self-propelled mower. It is also a gas-using machine but it starts with an electrical start. If u  are tired of pulling rope then you should give it a try .But don’t worry if your battery died then you have a left option to pull the chord and start your walk behind mower. It promises to cut grasses smoothly in your small lawn and less bushy terrain. It mellifluously cuts the rough and unshaped grass into a sized and shaped which looks like green carpet. You can adjust it’s height by 2-point height-of-cut system . It uses “Kohler 149cc/ 6.5 Ft-lbs. gross torque/OHV engine ” which makes you feel that you are holding something friendly and less noisy.

It’s durable 21” deck and its various cutting system makes it unbeatable than any other walk behind mower. It’s front adjustable wheel makes sure that your mower never stuck while cutting grasses.It has two blades that easily rotates and cuts the grasses without many efforts.  “Lawn-Boy” has the bigger  bag to hold the cuttings. With all these features “Lawn-Boy”   also comes at  an affordable price as because your lawn is pretty small and you will not agree to buy such  expensive lawn-mower. So “lawn-Boy”is your choice here which is one of the best walks behind mower.


5.Honda HRX 217VKA :

best walk behind mower5-Lawn-Boy 10734

The best ever product from the most reliable Japanese company HONDA is  here “Honda HRX 217VKA”. This one of the best walks behind mower is self-propelled and has a speed controller function , “Speed Select Drive”. It is engineered with “4-in-1 Versamow System”.Has to function like  mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred , these ways. It consists “MicroCut Twin Blades”, which cuts grasses smoothly. Its NeXite deck ensures you it’s lifetime reliability  which is rust-proof .It is built with Honda GCV190 engine and a brilliant Auto Choke System, which will help you to start it easily.

The Honda GCV190 engine is really fuel-efficient and powerful. It’s cutting width is 21’’,mowing height range  is 21’’,mowing height range ¾’’-4’’ and mowing height adjustment is 7 ,all these are for giving you a great mowing experience  . It’s wheels made with ball bearing wheels and 9’’ plastic for your comfortable movement. The bag, it contains is 2.5(bushels ) and weights 90 pounds.


6. Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower :

best walk behind mower6-Remington 22-Inch Trimmer.jpg

This is a special type of walk behind lawn mower which will make your lawn’s grass trimmed as a carpet. If you want your lawn to look like a carpet then you may choose it for it’s trimming cutting option. Most of the lawn mowers are to cut the grasses in the same shape and the look but they  don’t make the promise to make the garden’s grass look like carpet. The 159cc MTD Powermore 4-cycle engine lets to work in the fastest way you want. Instead of blades, it has a line of blades of 155 trimmer line just like your beard trimmer(!) and has an awesome 14-inch ball-bearing wheels , these will help you to go in any type of terrains and trim as like you see your lawn . This off-set trimmer line will also help you to reach in those places that are hardly reachable.


It has a folding hand to move it easily.It weights only 78 pounds and has a bigger store for grasses. It is quiet and it has the easy start system that solves your mess a little. This is the all-time best lawn mower which you may like to have your lawn trimmed by and its service will, of course, make you happy.


7. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag :

best walk behind mower7- Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe .jpg

Here comes a light-weight lawn mower with a weight only 18 kgs. It uses battery so you are getting rid of doing tension about gas or electricity or any tune ups. It will let you save your time. It’s a user-friendly lawn mower. It is a lightweight mower with 3 different cutting facility and 3 different size adjusters. The detacher is easy to bag the grasses and dispose of the remain grass clippings.

It is an affordable walk behind lawn mower which gives you it’s full service. You can wash the deck when needed if you feel and the blades will ensure that grasses are cutting well. After all, it is a big machine with lesser noise, things will go better with it. To make your work easy, It is engineered with the best components, it has 2 sharped blades to cut grasses smoothly and to make your lawn look in the best way you wanted to see. Its wheels let you go through any kind of grasses and bushy terrain and cut to their edges or the way you want. This how it works like and proves one of the best walks behind lawn mowers.


8.BLACK+DECKER MTC220 (Battery-Powered) :

 best walk behind mower8- BLACK+DECKER MTC220 .jpg

This 3-in-1 innovative  walk behind mower lets you turn your mower into edger or into trimmer. It is a very light and slim trimmer for a medium lawn area . It has AFS automatic feed system which lets you work continuously without having any problem or stopping. It works by battery so you don’t need to worry about chords or oil or gas. It has a flexible handle and trimmer that you can adjust . It has a wide deck to cut much grass as possible. You will have two batteries with it for an extended life.

This Black+Decker is a perfect walk behind mower that you could ask for your lawn. It trims, cuts and bags . It’s convenient cutting options gives you 3 options to choose 1 of them. It has double folded handles to give u a flexible height and a spacious grassbox. Its wheels are hidden behind grass boxes and it’s masterly sharpened blade makes sure that no single grass goes uncut. It weights just 13.4 kgs , for you can move it so easily and being an electrical mower it also eases your work. You don’t need to buy oil for it, just you need to recharge your lawn mower for a couple of hours and that’s all. This what makes BLACK+DECKER one of the best lawn mower of all .


9. Snapper 21″ Gas Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Mower :

best walk behind mower9- Snapper 21 .jpg

Now , here comes another stunning walk behind mower from  “Snapper”. It’s   21” model works brilliantly if your  terrain is hilly and loaded with thick grasses. This 21” walk behind mower made with powerful “OHV engine of Briggs and Stratton 175cc”  to make your mowing smoother than you expect. It has an  all new ReadyStart technology and the engine gives you a stronger cutting through grasses. This finely engineered machine comes with 3 variant option , side discharge ,mulching and rear bagging . Its 3-in-1 deck lets you choose one of 6 options.


It is ideal for bushy and hilly terrains. If you have a large hilly lawn  then Snapper 21” is your best choice. It runs on gas so it never pollutes the environment. The strong  “OHV engine of Briggs and Stratton 175cc”  lets you mow quietly. It’s starting is too easy as u need to just pull the rope, thanks to the ReadyStart technology. It’s firm and hard 8′ deck lets you select any of 6 cutting styles and any of 3 cutting option. Its maintenance is too easy , just wash and keep it for drying.



10. Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower, 18-Inch :

best walk behind mower10- Fiskars Staysharp

It is a self-propelled walk behind lawn mower. It is an eco-friendly walk behind mower that cuts without the help of gasoline or electricity or  battery. It’s sharp blades enables great smoother cut . It is 30% more easy to push forward than other lawn mowers. It’s cutting width is 18 inch and the highest cutting range that it is expected from a non-engined lawn mower.Its lightweight  makes you feel you are holding nothing. It has a folding handle to give you a flexible option.

This FISKARS STAYSHARP reel walk behind mower has the highest options to help you to the highest extent it could. It is made with plastic and alloy to make it lightweight .With the help of its handle, it is more convenient and comfortable than any other reel walk behind mowers.

Another 3 Best Walk Behind Mower:


1- Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless:

Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless

Bosch Rotak 34R is an electric lightweight mower with the powerful engine and  superior engineering. Its 34cm cutting diameter is ideal for cutting long grasses and thick   bushes . It’s unique grass combs make sure that grasses are cutting in the same way and in a certain style. It has double folded handles to give u a flexible height and a spacious grassbox. Its wheels are hidden behind grass boxes and it’s masterly sharpened blade makes sure that no single grass goes uncut. You can adjust the height of cut from 20-70mm for different lawn types that prove it one of the walk behind mower .

It weights just 11.1 kgs , for you can move it so easily and being an electrical mower it also eases your work. You don’t need to buy oil for it, just you need to recharge your lawn mower for a couple of hours and that’s all. The motor needs only 1300w to start and the grass box capacity is 40 pounds. It has 6 height-of-cut settings   . This amazing product from BOSCH gives you a noiseless mow. Rotak 34R has a flexible handle and being lightweight it is easier for transportation and an easy mowing.  It’s bigger grassbox collects more cut grass and gives u a beautiful clean lawn.

2-Flymo Chevron 34C:

Flymo Chevron 34C

Here comes another  brilliant electric walk behind mower. If you like an electric mower with the less-noisy engine then you may choose   Flymo Chevron 34C. It is a lightweight electric power with 29-litre  grassbox. It is build with  32cm twin metal blade for make your mowing effortless.10 metre main cable gives you tension free walking through your lawn while cutting and also has rear roller option. It cuts in 3 heights of cut(20mm-60mm).  It is a stand alone mower and of course, it’s power source is chorded electricity to less the probability of dry out of battery.

It weights 8.3kgs ,well that’s a lot to tell it a lightweight . It is easy to operate and mow with Flymo Chevron. There is a glass window , you can see if the box is full or not. You can change the grass cutting height just by 1single lever. It’s cutting width is 320mm which is more to give your garden a  carpet look. This big lightweight mower is suitable for little gardens and less-hilly terrains. It’s deck stand on 4wheels that can go easily for cutting edges  through big bushy grasses and having 3 different cutting option  lets you choose the best option you want to cut by. Featuring all these ,it is too affordable and adorable to make you buy it.


Some example of best Electric Walk Behind Mowers


The time of age has finally arrived for battery powered stroll behind mowers. now not are they considered gimmicks or toys, however real options and options to conventional gasoline garden mowers. within the beyond performance and battery lifestyles in which a actual proscribing element for these mowers, within the nice 4 years we’ve got seen manufactures make investments heavily in the development and design, in especially battery existence and overall performance of the electrical automobiles of these mowers wherein they’re now starting to in shape entry level fuel powered lawn mowers in overall performance.

Best Walk Behind Mower:

manufacturers have taken be aware of the recognition of the “pass inexperienced” motion and are now positioning themselves to be leaders in this technology. With this wholesome competition every manufacture desires to out do their competitor which has resulted in many blessings to patron of those products. The most obvious benefit has been fee; now not do you have to pay double that of a fuel mower, now you could find battery garden across the same rate or beneath the fee of gasoline mowers. most battery mowers are priced below $three hundred.

while Battery walk in the back of mowers first came available on the market they where powered by way of a 12 Volt battery and motor, then they turn out to be obsolete and where accompanied through a 24 Volt battery and motors mowers. we’re now starting to see the first of the 36 Volt batteries and motor strength garden mowers enter the market, these mowers have a massive development on battery lifestyles and motor performance. In conjunction with new era in electric powered automobiles together with “everlasting magnets” and “brushless motor” designs has extended their slicing energy performance to rival that of gas garden mowers.

you will discover the identical features on these mowers as with gasoline mowers: like mulching alternatives, aspect chute and bagging (catcher) alternatives even self propelled battery powered lawn mowers. You will be doing yourself and the environment a favor to look into buying and selling in you gas mower for battery mower. Perform a little further research yourself and you’ll find out that battery driven mowers a now a smart and economically sound choice in your next mower.

we have done some research and feature give you the three most popular battery-powered lawn mowers. the recognition is based on loads of customer’s opinions and score who’ve bought and used the mower. All of the mowers featured below had an over all rating four stars or greater out of five.

1. Earthwise 60120 20 Inch 24 Volt. Capabilities a strong metal deck, detachable battery for smooth charging, big 20″ slicing path and ball bearing wheel. Very strong built mower. 3 in 1 mowing alternatives, aspect discharge, mulching or rear catcher.

2. Epic EP21H 21 Inch. Currently the most effective self-propelled battery mower in the marketplace. Capabilities a Terra phase high overall performance 24-volt brushless motor and a big 21′ reducing direction. you also get the three in a single reducing option and an optionally available sun panel to charge the batteries.

3. Black & Decker CMM1200. The stand out capabilities of this mower is that it’s miles rated the very best appearing electric mower in 2008. It is powered by using a 1200 watt output permanent magnet electric 24 volt motor. Also first in its magnificence to offer a charger that qualifies for the energy superstar approval mark.

if you would love to see the total reviews of the garden mowers feature in this newsletter and many more, visit our website stroll behind

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