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Top 10 Best Baby Carrier for Dad 2016-17

Top 10 Best Baby Carrier for Dad 2016-17 :

Alike mums , dads also keep babies while going out or in shopping. But it is tough to hold the baby by one hand and to do some work with the other hand .Now, to solve this problem here are “baby carriers for dads” made especially for dads. Now dads will be able to do anything while their babies are sitting happily in the carrier.


Here are Top 10 Best Baby Carrier For Dad:


10.Boba Baby Carrier 4G: Let’s introduce to you the easiest baby carrier for dads, Boba Baby Carrier 4g. It has two carrying position, front facing and back facing. It is easy to wear and easy to insert your baby. It is very soft-structured , your baby will love it.

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,boba1

This innovative baby carrier has no usage of metals or plastics. It is also free from any kind of dying or harmful material that your baby may get irritated .It  is very lightweight that you barely feel its weight. It is made with some impeccable features like sleeping hood and multiple adjustments for the perfect fit in front and back.It has spacious pockets to keep baby essentials and it also has food straps.

Using BOBA is completely a great decision for dads because it is hassle and fixation free. You don’t ned to worry about the air flow because BOBA has the air-ventilator to keep your baby cheerful. You can use it for infants and toddler both , its weighting range starts from 7-45 pounds. This how it makes its way in the top 10 baby carrier for dads.


7-Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier : Dads who want a cool baby carrier ,they should get . Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier. Completely made with 100% pure polyester, this baby carrier for dads gives babies the greatest comfort it can give. It has 4 carrying positions: front-in-facing, front-out-facing, hip and back so that you can choose the comfortable way you want to carry your baby.

Best Baby Carrier for Dad,engrobaby2

It is cooler than any other carriers as it has 3D mesh panel for keep the babies cooler and let most of the air can get in of the carrier. It has a weighting range of 12-33lbs. and enclosed with unique ERGOBABY bucket seat. It has wide straps and wide lumber support so that you can carry your baby in it without having much complained .

Being lightweight ERGOBABY has conquered the hearts of both dads and babies(!) and made it position to the best baby carrier for dads. It is stylish and cool that you’ll love it to make your companion.


6-Babypeta Baby Sling : Here comes one of the best baby carriers for dads. This baby carrier is made of total organic 95% cotton and 5% spandex which means the promise of great softness. This baby carrier lets your child get attached to your chest and feel the love of a dad. It is a basic carrier which lets you keep the baby with the best comfortable place on your chest. It is one facing carrier , dads can easily use it because they don’t have to look much time after the baby . This adjustable baby carrier lets you do daily work, you can go for shopping , writing or also you can do your house chores as well.

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,babypeta3

BABYPETRA BABY SLING lets your baby feel the finest comfort as it is made with the softest fabric. This baby carrier is also a healthy choice because it is made of organic products ,so it never lets your baby feel irritated and get the full air support . Of course, it is more stylish than any other  carriers, so it is the best choice if you want your baby to live in your love and warmth. This all makes this carrier come in the top 10 baby carrier for dads. So, you choose BABYPETRA and it never lets you down.


5- Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier : INFANTINO has made a cool carrying bag for dads to carry their babies in it .It is made with BreatheMesh technology that lets the wind flow inside it.

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,Infantino4

It has 3 carrying positions like facing in , facing out and backpack exploring to give your baby a cosy and comfy feeling. Its adjustable lumbar support relieves the shoulder pressure. Carrier and clothes are covered by the Wonder cover bib . The use of extra padded straps gets adjusted for the best comfort.

It is a lightweight baby carrier that you and your baby will love it. It’s soft and comfortable fabric lets the baby enjoy and get cosy when they are in it . It is the top 5th  baby carrier which is from INFANTINO.


4.Mo+m® Classic Cotton 3 Position Baby Carrier :

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,Mom Classic5Mo+m® has  ingeniously made a nice baby carrying bag for dads which is just not only comfy for babies but stylish too. It contains a hood for babies to cover their head when they are asleep .It  gets much air into it by the vented windows  and its smooth fabric lets your baby fell asleep in it and your hands-free to do any work u want. This baby carrier is one of the best carriers for dads because it is specially made for dads with special style and special .

What makes it so convenient to use is it’s fine structured fabric. 100% pure cotton is used in making it.it is machine washable, so you can wash it when it is dirty and iron it. It also maintains a good airflow that keeps the baby playful .you can easily carry 12-36pounds in it without having a problem. For its easy options and methods, dads love it.




3-LILLEbaby Ergonomic Baby & child carrier:

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,SIX-Position6Being made with 100%pure cotton LILLEbaby baby carrier lets to have your baby the full amenity that he could get inside the carrier. It has six different positions to keep the baby inside the carrier. It also includes lumber support, neck support and sleeping hood . It has 2 shoulder belts to distribute the weight properly to your whole body.

LILLEbaby baby carrier is machine washable and easy operated. It has zippered pocket and double straps to distribute the weight of the baby.It requires the minimum weight of 7 pounds and a maximum weight of 45 pounds. This makes it an awesome baby carrier for ladies because it will help them both to work and keep the baby comfortably asleep, so the baby disturbs less.


2-Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier :

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,babyktan7This baby carrier is an all-the-new type of designed product which will let dads carry the baby more comfortably. This is just a long and wide elastic cloth which is twisted in the middle of it and very easily it can be worn and carry your baby. The cotton which is used to make it is 100% breathable and the most amazing part is you are free of any anxieties that your baby is not getting in any touch of plastics or metals. It is made of pure cotton and the only stitch is used to join its two part.

Its innovative two loop design gives great comfort to dads as it divides weight to the whole body. It is made with whole breathable cotton and chemical-free so your baby does not get harmed of. Also, it does not contain any metals or plastic so your baby does not get hurt of. K’tan’s has come up to dads with their best ever made a baby carrier for dads to give dads some lenience and comfort. So , of course , with all these aspects it makes its position in  the top 10 baby carrier for dads.



1.Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers:

Best Baby Carrier For Dad,ergonomicThis is the bestselling products. ERGONIC has made a perfect product for dads. This ingeniously made baby carrier can hold a baby in three positions, face in , face out and backpack. It gives dads the finest option to talk over the phone and keep an eye on the baby too. It has wide lumber belts and wide shoulder straps to carry the baby that helps dads to carry a baby of 25lbs. easily.

Babies will find the most comfort, it has enough space for the air to get into the carrier. It helps the baby to feel relief. It has pockets to keep baby’s needed things. If the baby feels asleep there’s a hood, just zip it on. The Fabric is 100% cotton and it is free from any chemicals and irritating substance that may disturb the baby. It includes a Snap-ON cloth to protect the fabric To get the protection clothe you need to open the zipper. There’s also 2 pockets and you can detach it if you want the air flow to let in when the weather is too hot. With such this amenities it is quite stylish too and these makes it the top seller baby carrier for days.


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