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10 Best Selling WaterProof Laptop Backpacks


You are having a day-out and planned to go to a restaurant when chilling , unconsciously any one unconsciously spilt some water or soda on your bag or you are going to college you have kept your assignments and laptop in it ,suddenly the rain starts . In these cases, you need a waterproof bag to secure your precious things. A waterproof laptop backpack will carry your all necessaries and also protect from getting your wet and it has some special features so that it gives you more than a normal backpack.

Here are top 10 waterproof laptop backpack of 2016-2017 :

1.Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack : Here is the most bestseller backpack, CASE LOGIC SLRC-206. It gives a full room to carry your laptop and SLR camera.

waterproof laptop backpack case logic1

PRO: Extremely padded,keeps your gadgets safe.

CON: absence of rain-cover

Holds laptop in 15.4-Inch x 10.4-Inch x 1-Inch and camera in 10.4′ x 4.7′ x 5.6′ , which gives you the most spacious chamber.Has pocket for keeping personal  things. To keep lens or delicate LCDs safe , there’s a pad, used on the interior of the backpack. It gives you to grab your memory card or other small things in hasty time. Being made with Nylon, its EVA base system lets to stand the backpack of its own. This how it becomes one of the top 10 water resistant backpacks.



2-V7 17.3-Inch Water Resistant Professional 2 Laptop and Tablet Backpack:

waterproof laptop backpack v7V7 has made their backpacks with dedicating padding laptop compartment with Velcro strap protection. This laptop backpack has a big compartment for carrying laptops 12.7 x 44.4 x 31.7 inches and also for smartphones, cardholders and pen.It’s main compartment features 10.1” pocket for tablet.

Pro:lightweight, fits many things in it

con: bit light zipper

Use of weather-resistant and moisture-absorbing components while making it has made it a very convenient backpack, as protects your laptop or tablet better than any other backpacks. The air mesh  technology and the big straps help to make you feel comfortable. Hence , this backpack has a dual water-bottle chamber , that’s how all these features make it an all-rounder backpack and places it in the top 10 water-resistant laptop backpack list.





3-Case Logic DLBP-114 Laptop Backpack :

waterproof laptop backpack dlbp


Heres one more incredible backpack from CASE LOGIC , made with dedicated laptop compartment which can hold 14.3 x 1.7 x 9.9 inches. It has zippered safety pocket in which you can keep your precious things and side zippers can help you with the things you need to access quickly.

Pro: perfect size, good side pockets

Con: uncomfortable (in some cases )

This backpack offers you different chambers for laptops and tablets , it is PVC and it has different pockets to give you the freedom of keeping things anywhere you like. It also has an anti-scratch for keeping sunglass or touch-screen mobile phones and its AirMesh technology keeps you cool than any other backpacks.So that’s how this backpack becomes one of the top backpacks that you will ever experience.


4-Spigen® Laptop Backpack :

waterproof laptop backpack 4Spigen Laptop Backpack


Its just not only a water-resistant laptop backpack , it is made with keeping the only concept of laptop’s shape. This is the most durable and completely water resistant you’ll ever find . It is the most designed and functioned backpack yet it is affordable too.

pro: Enough number of pockets

con: Doesn’t have a chest-strap

Its shoulder straps are wide and padded, to give you comfort and using of Airmesh material , lets to enter a huge amount of air that you don’t get sweaty. This amazing backpack is compatible with all laptops up to 15inches Having big pockets to keep your little and needed things, makes it more convenient. So, Spigen® Laptop Backpack will, of course, make you fall in love with this stylish and useful backpack.


5.Bolang Water Resistant Nylon School Bag College Laptop Backpack 8459 :

waterproof laptop backpack Bolang Water Resistant5

Here  comes an amazing waterproof backpack from BOLANG. This backpack is made of nylon which makes it strongest than any other.It has a dimension of 11(L)*1.57(W)*16.5 (H) Inch /28*4*42CM , that is a decent space that a laptop or camera can take.

PRO: spacious chambers

CON: very padded at shoulders.

This backpack can be used as a travel or business bakpack. Its wide shoulder straps divide the whole weight to your whole body.This backpack has 3 divided portions and anti-theft technology,a two-way zipper and a bag-covering that covers the whole bag. These all makes this backpack so convenable to make its place in the top 10 backpacks.



6-Belkin Slim Polyester Backpack for Laptops and Notebooks :

waterproof laptop backpack Belkin Slim6

Belkin slim backpacks are made from sustainable polyester and have a soft interior to give you comfort. It has enough compartments to carry your gadgets. It is extremely water-resistant. It has side-pockets , you can keep your sunglasses or headphones there. Mostly, this stylish backpack helps you to keep your laptop safe from water and dust. It has an attachable pouch for power supply.By all these features Belkin Slim Polyester Backpack comes in the top 10 water resistant backpack.

Pro: Bigger pockets

Con: less-padded straps


7-Evecase Water Resistant Convertible Laptop Canvas Briefcase Backpack:

waterproof laptop backpack Evecase7This water-resistant backpack is a convertible , as you ca also use it as a backpack and briefcase. Every compartment in this backpack is well-padded. It has soft shoulder straps and air-mesh pads at back for your comfort. It is popular for having dedicated pockets for i-pad and for keeping 13.3”-17.3” laptops.

Pro: well padded

Con: hard-fabric straps


8-Lapacker Black Water Resistant Slim Lightweight Laptop Backpack:

Lapacker Black Water Resistant Slim Lightweight Laptop Backpack

This water-resistant anti-thief backpack is made from Nylon and Polyester. It’s sleeved are removable so that straps don’t wobble. It’s breathable designed back lets you sweat less. The compartment dimensions are 9″ x 14.9″ (LxH); External dimensions: 11.4″ x 2.7″ x 16.9″ . This how this backpack lets you enjoy the best service that a bag can give you.

Pro: detachable shoulder straps

Con: passes less air


9-Rivacase Aspen 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack, Slim, Light, Waterproof Fabric:

Rivacase Aspen

This water-resistant backpack has multi-compartment space. It is made of nylon and AirMesh pads lets to flow much air to make you comfortable. It can hold up to 15.6” of laptops. Protective padding saves laptops and your valuable gadgets. It is stylish and you can take it both in office and colleges.

Pro: nicely padded, spacious compartments

Con: less comfortable back


10- Evecase Lightweight Nylon Water Resistant Multipurpose Laptop Backpack :

Evecase Lightweight Nylon Water Resistant

Here comes another backpack from Evercase which is water resistant and light weight . It has big laptop compartments and secret chambers. It is padded so it lets you feel the supreme comfort. This backpack has double zipper system which is made for the anti-thief dedicatedly. Regardless this backpack will not let you down. That’s how it has become one of the top 10 waterproof laptop backpacks.

pro:stylish, keeps you cool

con: bigger in length

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WaterproofLaptop Backpacks – Five Things To Consider When Buying

If you Carryeliver a computer to paintings, school or university, a backpack may be an awful lot more cozy and realistic than a traditional laptop case. there is a large variety of pc backpacks to be had in all styles and sizes, from the very cheap to genuinely costly. choosing the proper bag for you approach being clean approximately your desires.

underneath are the seven key matters to keep in mind when buying a computer backpack, to ensure you’ve got a bag you are glad with for years yet to come.

1. Make certain it suits your computer:

Whilst this sounds obvious, you’d be amazed how many humans have to crowbar their computer into their bag or have a netbook sliding around in an outsized bag. Take a look at your laptop length and get a bag that suits. PC sizes are measured like televisions – It is the diagonal screen length it truly is used. It is okay to have a bit spare room round your computer but too much will increase the danger of detrimental your laptop.

If you already have a bag this is too massive in your laptop, or take a fancy to an oversized one, you can repair it by using buying a separate laptop sleeve. This could cushion your pc and keep it secure.

2. Does it have room for the whole lot else you may need to carry?

If you best need to carry your computer and minimal cables, you may choose a slender, lower-priced backpack. But most of the people also have documents, iPods, disks, pens and different stuff crucial to their day by day operating lives. you may want to don’t forget backpacks with extra cubicles plus particularly designed wallet. if you do a whole lot of overnight or global visiting search for area for in a single day clothes to store taking a second bag.

3. Test it will likely be comfy to carry

Carrying a bag 100 yards out of your automobile on your table may be very unique to commuting by way of public transport across a city or walking lengthy distances, so you need to make sure the bag is suitable to how you may use it.

For short distances you may probably simply sling it over your shoulder. Any further and you want a right harness system with padded shoulder straps and air flow – there’s nothing worse than a getting a sweaty returned at the manner to paintings. You might additionally want a waist strap or even chest strap to unfold the load out of your shoulders.

A wheeled pc backpack with telescopic deal with is ideal to take the pressure while speeding through the airport, jogging for a taxi or maybe just whilst you are fully loaded.

four. hold your laptop secure from knocks

4- Hold your laptop secure from knocks

Avoid a bag that has no specific pc protection. Foam padding has a tendency to be less expensive and is excellent. a few producers, together with Tech Air, use compressed air because it won’t lose it is form and offers superior safety.

Many backpacks come with pc compartments and some with a strap to preserve the computer tightly in the compartment. Greater luxurious baggage may additionally contain a detachable padded sleeve (or as stated formerly, you can buy a separate pc sleeve).

5. Shield your Laptop from water

Evidently in case you’re sporting your pc around there may be a hazard you’ll get caught in bad climate, spill a drink or drop it in a puddle. Very few pc backpacks are absolutely water-proof however maximum offer bathe-evidence safety. This could maintain most moisture at bay in normal use.



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